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Chrissy's Bowen Therapy

"Dogs are not our whole life, but make our life's whole" anonymous

Bowen Therapy is a holistic healing body technique, where no table, restraints or equipment are required.
It is effective on soft tissue or facia both superficial and deep, skeletal, ligerments and the lymphatic system.
Bowen is a gentle way to treat chronic conditions, arthritis symtoms, encouraging the healing process in the body leaving the animal more energetic and agile.


"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is life diminished ." Anon

“When my 7 year old Miniature Dachshund stopped being his spritely self even refusing to go walkies, I was sure we were destined for the dreaded IVDD. However, Chrissy suggested that she give my pooch a round of Bowen to see how he responds. Both my partner and I were skeptical at first but, WOW were we turned! After just one session we had our energetic, mischievous little man back with more pep than he’d had in ages! Infact, he loves Chrissy and her treatments so much he’s snoring in minutes. Chrissy’s continued Bowen treatments have given our Greying pup a second lease on life, 10/10 Recommend, ASAP!"

Toneya In Girrawheen ;-) 

“When my 6 year old cross started having problems walking and jumping, Chrissy was onto it.
After just the first treatment, we noticed a titak difference!

When she got scuffed by another dog, she wouldn't even let us touch her head or neck, but once again we called Chrissy and she worked her magic and after a treatment we could tell our girl was feeling better.

We will continue using Chrssy's Bowen Therapy and can't recommend or thank Chrissy enough for wha tshe has done for our fur babies.”

Rachel from Ballajura W.A.

“My 11 year old Staffy X Duke has developed arthritis in his hips. He was really struggling on his walks and was very stiff. 

I brought Duke to Chrissy to see if Bowen Therapy could help ease some of his pain. 

After only 3 sessions, Dukes back and legs showed tremendous improvement. His back was straighter, less hunched and even though his legs were starting to bow outwards , they appear straighter. He is also eager to go for walks again. 

I highly recommend Chrissy, she was wonderful with Duke she listened to his needs and he relaxed in her presence quickly.  

I honestly believe the Bowen has helped to reduce the muscle tension in his body and given him some much needed relief. We will defiantly be continuing with this type of treatment." 

Julia in Aveley, W.A.


Get in touch with Chrissy's Bowen Therapy and let us help get your dog back...


A brief insight into Chrissy's Bowen Therapy.

I am 32 years old and moved to Perth from New Zealand when I was 19 years old. 

My first few jobs in WA were with groomers, boarding kennels and a pet shops, where I grew a real interest in dog health and wellbeing. 

My first dog here in Perth was Oscar, a Standard Poodle, who unfortunately had hip dysplasia. Because of him, I explored different therapies and found Bowen Therapy. It was efficient and seemed to give him an new lease on life. 

I have since completed my Bowen Therapy Canine Practitioner Cerificate through Smart Bowen.  

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working on a variety of dogs with different issues, easing pain and discomfort and assisting in injury rehabilitation. 

I will further study Pet Nutrition with an aim to provide Pet Owners with relatable and honest information on how to improve their pets lifestyle and wellbeing in conjunction with Bowen Therapy. 

My aim is to educate and provide an natural and holistic treatment to any pet in need, to help ease pain and provide longevity 

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